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Planting Clean Air

There are 100's of species of houseplants and we see them in homes, banks, hospitals, offices, restaurants, etc.  Why? For a number of reasons! Houseplants... Helps you breath by absorbing carbon dioxide that we exhale Release [...]

Do you Have Nutsedge?

Nutsedge is a pesky weed that seeks out moist, poorly drained sections of your lawn.  If you’re like a lot of homeowners in the midwest, you’ve probably seen it popping up. Nutsedge sticks out from lawns [...]

How to Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs

The temperatures are starting to drop and it's starting to feel more like fall. In other words, a perfect time to plant fall bulbs!  Bulbs add color to your garden in early spring while some things are [...]

What are the Bumps on My Tree Leaves?

Those bumps on your tree leaves are more than likely Galls.  Galls are actually created by the trees themselves, it's in response to the damage created by egg-laying insects.  The saliva from the insects initiates [...]

What is Blossom End Rot?

Blossom End Rot is very common on tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and melons.  It usually forms on the bottom of the fruit causing a brown, water-soaked spot.  The cause of this?  A calcium imbalance in the [...]

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