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Improve your clay soil with Structure

If you're reading this you’re probably like most of us…. Real plant lovers that appreciate a healthy, beautiful plant wherever it’s growing and whatever its purpose. But you also know the secret to a heathy [...]

Why Fall is the BEST time to seed your lawn.

August to September is the BEST time to over-seed a lawn.  Warm soil and cool temperatures at night make the perfect growing conditions. Here are 5 expert tips on doing it right!  1. Prep Work - [...]

Planting Irises…It’s Easy

Bearded iconic flower with striking, large blooms in shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white.  We see iris show up in pictures and paintings for home decor, but we think nothing compares to [...]

Plant now for fall flavor!

Mid-summer is the perfect time to start thinking about your fall garden. Stretch out those fresh vegetables in to the cool days ahead. Successful fall gardens are easy as summer soil is warm and seeds [...]

Lawn Enemy #1

If you have a lawn anywhere in the Midwest, you are probably very familiar with crabgrass – that nasty little weed that invades your lawn every summer ruining your once weed free lawn. Fortunately, there's [...]

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