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Why Fall Planting Is Best!

In our Midwest climate, mid-August to mid-October is an ideal time to plant a variety of plants. We love this time of year as the weather cools above ground while the soil is still warm [...]

4 Ways To Spot Grub Damage In Your Lawn

Lawns will start to show signs of grub damage in late summer and early Fall. There’s no way to predict if a lawn will have grubs beforehand, or even how bad the damage will be. [...]

Expert Advice for Successful Iris Planting!

Bearded Iris …an iconic flower with striking, large blooms in shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white. Iris show up in pictures and paintings for home decor, but we think nothing compares to the real [...]

Expert Tips on When to Harvest Apples and other Fruits

You’ve nurtured and cared for your fruit trees all season long and at some point you want to enjoy the “fruits of your labor," but when exactly can you harvest the fruit? Here are some [...]

Why Fall is the BEST time to seed your lawn.

August through September is the BEST time to over-seed a lawn.  Warm soil and cool temperatures at night make the perfect growing conditions. Here are 5 expert tips on doing it right!  1. Prep Work - [...]

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