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The Earl May Story

We operate 28 family owned and operated stores throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. At your local Earl May Garden Center you’ll find more than just plants. You’ll find friendly, helpful staff and everything you need to enhance your outdoor living space.

How to Make Your Backyard Mosquito-Free

Are mosquitoes taking over your backyard? It is time to take control. Don’t let these little insects get the best of your outdoor fun. Try one (or all) of these tips to keep pests away and enjoy your outdoor space again!

Water Wiser: Keep Your Plants Thriving

All plants need water, but how much? How often? What time during the day? Don't worry! We're here to help answer those questions.

Japanese Beetle Solutions

Be prepared! The Japanese Beetle have been spotted in the Midwest. Japanese beetle larvae are typical white grubs. They live in the soil from August until June, and feed on plant roots, turf grass, and organic matter. Here are a few ways to control them.

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