Our Services

DIY Dynamic Design

Landscaping Done Your Way With Our Help

Creating a beautiful DIY landscape is easy when you work with Earl May. Whether you're new to gardening or just want a little extra help on your next project, our DIY Dynamic Design program is meant for you.

Dynamic Design is perfect for those who want the satisfaction of digging in the dirt and planting the space themselves.

Why choose Dynamic Design?

  • quick & easy
  • 1-on-1 personal shopping experience
  • cost effective
  • done on your time

5 Easy Steps to a DIY Dynamic Design

  • Measure your space. Note sun exposure and identify "north", any obstacles (utility box, tree, etc.), and soil conditions (clay, sandy, etc). Graph sheet is available in-store or to download here.
  • Take photos of the space from different angles. Print if possible.
  • Contact your local Earl May to set up an appointment at the garden center. Bring your measurements and photos with you.
  • Together, we will review your design ideas and photos, walk the nursery yard to discuss plant likes and dislikes, and project budget.
  • During your appointment, we will provide you with a rough sketch of the plant layout, and suggest types and quantities of plants needed.

Purchase of a $200 Earl May gift card is required when scheduling an appointment. This gift card is yours to use towards the purchase of plant and nursery stock.

Full Service Landscape Design & Installation

If you want a professional landscape from start to finish, this is the option for you. From the initial consultation, to the first on-site visit, we will work with you to design the perfect plan and find the perfect plants to maximize your space and your curb appeal! Our Landscaping Service includes:

  • consultation, review & on-site visit
  • complete landscape plan
  • nursery product & plant material (your choice)
  • hard scape (your choice)
  • installation (your choice)

Schedule an appointment today! See your local Earl May Garden Center for complete details and to get started.

Custom Container Design & Potting

For Your Home or Business

Winter, spring, summer or fall. Let us design and plant beautiful container for you.

Our lawn and garden experts will work with you to craft personalized, eye-catching containers that perfectly suit your style and environment.

Whether you seek vibrant blooms, lush foliage, or a harmonious blend of both, our team excels at creating stunning container gardens that elevate your home's curb appeal and bring joy to every season. Let's get started!

  • Talk with an Earl May expert
  • Share inspiration, color choices, house photos and light exposure
  • Bring your pots in or we'll come to you
  • Choose to pick up your finished containers or have us deliver.

Planting Services

Let us do the work for you! The plants you choose, planted by us. Includes:

  • trees & evergreens
  • shrubs
  • perennials


Our maintenance services include:

  • Spring & Fall clean-up
  • mulch & rock installation
  • light pruning
  • weeding

Weed, Disease, Pest ID

Bring in a bagged sample and we’ll help identify the problem and offer a solution.

For questions on this or any other service, or to schedule an appointment, contact your local Earl May Garden Center.