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Solutions for Japanese Beetles

Be prepared!  The Japanese Beetle has been spotted in in the Midwest. Japanese Beetles are not picky about what they eat and can cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time.  They chew on almost 300 different varieties of plants.  Some favorites include asparagus, fruit trees, raspberries, grapes, maple trees, birch [...]


*Purchase any regular price tree, valued at $149 or more, and Earl May will plant it for FREE w/in a 15 mile store radius.



While supplies last, all fruit trees are now 50% off.  Choose from apple, cherry, plum, and more!  Selection and varieties vary by garden center.



All summer bulbs are now Buy 1, Get 1 Free.  Choose from elephant ears, dahlia, canna, glads, and more!  While supplies last, selection varies by store.  Free item of equal or lesser value.


1 Quart Hosta Sale

SPECIAL PRICING!  While supplies last, 1 Quart hostas are now 3 for $20, reg. $7.99 each.


Create A Perennial Garden

Mix -N- Match perennials to create a garden you will enjoy every year.  1 Quart Perennials, reg. $5.99 each, are on SALE...10 for $52...10 or more $5.20 each.  1 Gallon Perennials, reg. $9.99 each, are on SALE...6 for $52...6 or more $8.66 each.  while supplies last.


Earl May Select Colored Mulch

BEST VALUE...20 for $72 ($3.60 ea.), 2 cu. ft. bag.  Additional pricing...4 for $15 ($3.75 ea.) or $3.99 each.  Earl May Select Mulch is the highest quality colored mulch available, with 25% more colorant added to insure a deep longer lasting color.  Available in brown, black, red and gold. 


2017 Moonsign Pamphlet

Gardening by the sign of the moon has been a long standing tradition among some gardeners.  Whether it is the best time to plant leafy greens and vegetables, when to cultivate, or the best dates for harvesting, LLewelyn's 2017 Moon Sign Book has all the information needed to determine these best dates according to the [...]

5 Essentials for Growing Healthy Houseplants

Light The first requirement of all plants during their growing season is an abundance of daylight. Light from a window is always one-sided and the plants respond by turning their leaves and flowers toward the light. Turn the plants occasionally or they'll grow lopsided. Moisture The second requirement for all house plants is moisture. [...]


Grow Plants with Air!

Who says you need soil to grow plants?  We don't!  Not when growing Air Plants at least.  These quirky little plants are sweeping the nation and it's easy to see why.  They can be grown in just about any space, come in various shades of colors, and the different textures are just too cool! Need [...]

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