Our Best Picks for Fall Planting

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  • Fall planting

Aww, fall. One of our favorite seasons. Summer heat slipping away, replaced by brisk mornings becoming sunny afternoons, and leading to cool nights. The change in temperatures puts us in the mood for fall colors. What better way to keep the color, depth and design you worked so hard to have in your landscape by extending it into fall. Our experts have some great ideas for fall plants and shrubs to love year after year.


These are not your grandma’s variety of coneflowers! The colors in our new Sombrero series are as hot as their names – Salsa Red, Flamenco Orange and Lemon Yellow or classic Purple to tame the flames. Plant a variety to create a cornucopia of colors that will come back year after year. What’s even better….butterflies love them! Attracting these pretty pollinators will help the environment as well as your garden!

Surprise Lilies

Full of “surprises!” Adding some Naked Ladies to your landscape is sure to turn some heads. Plant Surprise Lily or Naked Lady bulbs now for green foliage in the spring and a surprise of perfect pinks in late summer/early fall.



Purple Pride begins with pale pink flowers in the summer to bunches of deep purple berries in the fall. Round, compact shrub to use under trees or as borders.


Candy Sensation looks as good as it sounds. Hot pink berries reminiscent of cotton candy burst from the branches in early fall. The berries will remain through the winter for even more contrasting color in your landscape.

Burning Bush

Little Moses’ dark green foliage transforms into all the colors of fall. Outrageous oranges, fiery reds and yellows! Long lasting color and low maintenance. Use as accents for year round color contrasts.

Perennial and Wildflower Seeds

Fall is the perfect time to sow your perennial and wildflower seeds. The cool nights, fall rain and warm soil create great timing to help the seeds get a great start. Plant Lavender and Milkweed to attract bees and butterflies. English Daisy in reds, whites, and pinks are ideal for edging and borders.