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Fruit Gardens

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Home gardening isn’t just about flowers and vegetables, many gardeners are discovering how satisfying (and delicious) including fruit-bearing plants to their gardens can be.

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes – at Earl May, you’ll find a huge selection of perennial favorites proven to deliver hefty harvests as well as exciting new varieties and hybrids designed to flourish in smaller spaces. And if you need some help deciding or planning your fruit garden, our experts are always here to help.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruit

  • Improved Health
    Fresh, wholesome fruits are important for a healthy diet. Because fruits lose a portion of their nutrients as they age, it’s important to eat the freshest fruits possible.
  • Lower Cost
    Growing your own fruit is far less expensive than buying it at the store. And perennial plants come back year after year – it’s like having a never-ending fruit bowl!
  • Better Environment
    Fruiting bushes and trees provide food and habitat options for birds and other important wildlife. They also enrich your soil and improve its quality for other plants.

Tips for Your Fruit Garden

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Many garden vegetables have a preference for a specific soil pH. If you don’t know the pH of your soil, stop by your local Earl May Nursery & Garden Center for testing.

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