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Fall is just around the corner and our garden centers are bursting with the colors of the season. What better way to enjoy some Fall color than with mums.  Although they are a plant, and we love to plant them, most generally people use mums for fall decorating.  Seriously – what’s more inviting than walking up to the front door and being greeted by bright, cheerful blooms of mums and pumpkins?   We’ll discuss pumpkins a little later in the season,  but we digress.  Mums are perfect for popping in a container or placing on the front step or patio table.  As long as you take proper care of them, mums will bring you a season of color!

Why should I purchase a mum from Earl May when I see them everywhere?

  • Know how your mums are grown.  If you are just using them for a few days this may not seem important, but we want our customers to enjoy them for the season. Mums grown using natural outdoor conditions, like ours, allow buds to come on slowly and naturally, extending the bloom time for each plant.  Most box stores use artificial light, which forces the bloom. They have the maximum color at the store, but once you get them home, they quickly fade and don’t put on any more blooms.
  • Our varieties are chosen specially for the Midwest and for long bloom times.
  • Earl May mums are grown locally and chosen specifically for this area.
  • We only chose varieties that will give you the maximum bloom time.  Ideally, purchase your mum with lots of buds that are just starting to open.  Within a few days, the plant will be loaded with color and continue to bloom throughout the season.
  • Check the tag and you will know exactly what variety and color you are getting.

Quick Mum Care Tips

Now that you’ve selected the perfect mum it’s time to take care of them.

  • Always water at the base of the plant.  When you water from the top, the blooms eventually split, creating a hole in the middle.
  • Do not saturate the soil when watering. Watering too much results in mushy stems and decaying blooms.
  • Place your mum in a sunny place.
  • Deadhead by removing any dead blooms, stems, or leaves.
  • If you are expecting a frost, move the mum to a protected area or cover with a sheet.

If you start by selecting the right plant and follow that up with proper care, you will have set the stage for a wonderful fall display!

Check your local Earl May for the latest selection of mums today!


  1. Chelsey September 25, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Hi Peggy! Thank you for your question! We consider the fall mums annuals. They are very hard to over-winter when planted so late in the fall. The hardiest mums to overwinter are mammoth mums, but very few remain in store this late. You can check with your local Earl May Garden Center to see if they have any in stock. We hope you find this information helpful! Thank you!

  2. Peggy Martin September 13, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Can potted mums be “over wintered?”

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