How to Properly Transplant Houseplants

2020-04-14T16:29:24-05:00Gardening, Houseplants|

Jackie with Earl May Nursery and Garden Center demonstrates how to properly transplant a houseplant.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Soil should be moist so the root ball will slip out easily.
  2. Turn the pot over and tap the edge gently until soil ball slides out.
  3. If roots are twisted and clinging tightly to the soil ball, remove some of the “shoulder” or soil and untangle some of the outermost roots on the bottom of the soil ball. Be careful not to crumble soil ball.
  4. Re-pot into a clean pot, slightly larger than the old one (usually one to two inches larger). Do not pot a small plant in a very large container, hoping the plant will “grow into” its new home. This situation can cause over watering based on pot size, not plant size.
  5. Place pieces of clean broken clay pots or gravel in the bottom of containers without drainage holes.
  6. Put layer of soil over this drainage material, when used.
  7. Place soil ball into pot and fill sides with soil, pressing it gently around old soil ball.
  8. Do not put soil on top of old ball except to replace removed “shoulders”. Raise level of soil by adding soil to the bottom only. Allow at least 0.5 inches below the rim of the pot for watering, so ample water may be applied without overflowing.
  9. Water thoroughly, then allow the pot to drain, if drainage holes are present.