Life Insurance for your plants!

  • Exclusive Earl May Plant Start - Life insurance for Plants

Just like us, plants could use insurance too! Healthy plants start from the roots up. Giving newly planted trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables a great start with just the right amount of food and nutrients is a recipe for success.

That’s why we love Earl May Plant Start, it’s 4 products in 1…an exclusive root stimulant only available at Earl May Seed and Nursery.

  1. 3-10-3 – High phosphorous nutrient source. The right balance of food and a preferred formula by professionals, designed to encourage root and plant growth.
  2. NAA professional rooting hormone – Stimulates rooting in all types of plants.
  3. Vitamin B-1 – Transplanting can be fatal to plants if not cared for properly. The vitamin B-1 contained in Plant Start reduces transplant shock. Simply mix Plant Start with water and you are ready to grow! Always follow label instructions for mixing rates.
  4. Soil penetrant – Added to help ensure that Plant Start moves down through the soil to deliver the food at the roots.

We recommend using Earl May Plant Start whenever you are planting or transplanting. A strong root system is crucial to a great looking plant. Think of roots as a lifeline to plants, and Plant Start as the life insurance!

Earl May Plant Start