Top 3 Reasons You Should Have An Aloe Plant


Plants enrich our lives whether we realize it or not, and the Aloe plant is no exception.

Versatile in any room with ample light, Aloe is the perfect plant to add to your home’s décor – making it one of our favorites.

We love Aloes and here the top reasons you should too.

1. Easy care – Aloe plants require little care. Really! They like bright light and dry soil. Get busy and forget to water? It’s ok, the plant only needs a good watering about once a month.

2. In with the bad and out with the good – Yep, that’s right. Aloe plants are one of the select plants that actually absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. No wonder they made the NASA approved list. Formaldehyde and benzene are byproducts of chemical based cleaners, paints and more. The aloe scrubs the air clean of these impurities during the day, and releases clean air at night.

3. First aid – Aloe Vera, a variety of the Aloe plant, is perfect to have on hand for minor burns. Did you stay out in the sun too long, or burn your hand while baking? Just snip off a piece of the Aloe Vera leaf and apply the aloe sap directly on the affected area. Instant relief!


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