Betty from ?
Thanks for your question on bumps in your lawn.

A bumpy, rough and uneven lawn is difficult to walk on, and hard to mow.

There are several factors that are responsible for bumpy lawns:

  1. Your lawn may be a little thin which makes the bumps more noticeable.  In a thick, dense lawn, your bumps would be less noticable.
  2. The late winter and early spring freezing and thawing causes the soil to heave up which leaves bumps.
  3. Earthworm castings can cause the area to be bumpy.  Even though we may not like the bumps, earthworms help improve our lawns and are a sign of good soil.

You can help alleviate the rough lawn by doing some or all of the following:

  1. Apply a good lawn fertilizer THIS SPRING like Earl May Lawn Food.   This will help thicken your lawn and make the bumps less noticeable.
  2. THIS AUGUST, use a core aerifier to open holes in the lawn.
  3. Follow up by using a power rake to break down the lawn bumps, break up the soil cores, and rake the thatch out of the lawn.
  4. Then remove any loose surface thatch that comes out after power raking.
  5. Now apply a grass seed appropriate for the lawn area (sun or shade).  Earl May carries several varieties of lawn seed.
  6. Then apply a seed starter fertilizer like Earl May New Lawn Starter.
  7. Lastly, keep the new lawn area moist so the seed will germinate, get established, and thicken up your lawn.

Stop by your local Earl May Garden Center for more information.

Grow Your Own Way,