Collection: Best in Shade Landscape Combo

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July 5, 2022 10:35:00 AM PDT July 5, 2022 10:35:00 AM PDTth, July 5, 2022 10:35:00 AM PDT

This collection is for landscapes in shade areas. The Best In Shade collection is a fun mix of plants that add unique pops of colors and textures to your landscape.

Japanese Forest Grass

Light: Part Sun to Part Shade

Height: 18"

Spread: 18"

Growth Rate: Slow

Wild Rose Coral Bells

Light: Sun or Shade

Height: 8-10"

Spread: 18-20"

Growth Rate: Medium

Patriot Hosta

Light: Part Shade - Shade

Height: 12-20"

Spread: 24-30"

Growth Rate: Medium-Fast


Light: Part Shade

Height: 3-4'

Spread: 4-5'

Growth Rate: Fast

Sun King Aralia

Light: Part Sun to Shade

Height: 4'

Spread: 4'

Growth Rate: Slow-Medium

Redbud Tree

Light: Sun to Part Shade

Height: 20-30'

Spread: 25-35'

Growth Rate: Medium

Selection varies by location. See your local Earl May Garden Center for their availability.