Plant Start: Life Insurance for Your Plants

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May 2, 2020 3:21:00 PM PDT May 2, 2020 3:21:00 PM PDTnd, May 2, 2020 3:21:00 PM PDT

Ever stop to think what plants go through when you take them out of their pot and plant them in the ground or different container? Well, it isn’t as easy on them as you might think.

Transplant Shock

For starters the plant goes through a lot of stress when it is first planted. Think of how you feel when going somewhere with people you’ve never met. It takes a few minutes to relax and get comfortable in your new surroundings. A plant has a similar experience called transplant shock. Just as it takes you time to get to know the new people, it takes the plant awhile to adjust to its new growing conditions.

The plant’s system is in shock because its roots have to adapt to new soil conditions outside of the pot which may not be favorable for growth. Sometimes it has such a hard time adjusting that it dies or becomes weak and contracts disease or bugs. So, what’s the solution? Earl May Plant Start!

Plant Start is a root stimulant that helps develop a strong root system first. Until a solid foundation of root growth occurs, plants will not be able to thrive. Common popular fertilizers do very little to stimulate root growth and the plants tend to struggle or be stunted. This causes poor growth and minimal flowering and fruiting. But with Plant Start, roots will be stronger, blooms will be bigger and more frequent. You will be amazed at how much better your new plants will perform.

What’s In Earl May Plant Start

  • 3-10-3 Rooting Formula - High phosphorous nutrient source. The right balance of food and a preferred formula by professionals, designed to encourage root and plant growth.
  • NAA Professional Rooting Hormone
  • Vitamin B-1 - Transplanting can be fatal to plants if not cared for properly. The vitamin B-1 contained in Plant Start reduces transplant shock.
  • Soil Penetrant - Added to help ensure that Plant Start moves down through the soil to deliver the food at the roots. Think of roots as a lifeline to plants.


Extended Guarantee

We believe in Plant Start so much that we even extended our Nursery Guarantee. Purchase 1 gallon of Plant Start with your trees, shrubs, and perennials, and we will extended your guarantee an extra year. Now that’s something to celebrate! Try it for yourself and see the results!